Alexander's Lovers (Second Edition) by Andrew Chugg

Category: History
Publish Date: 2012-03-01
Pagecount: 260 Pages
File Size: 2,5 MB
File Type: PDF, ePub
Total Read: 2558 User
Total Download: 2071 User
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Description :
Alexander's Lovers reveals the personality of Alexander the Great through the mirror of the lives of those with whom he pursued romantic relationships, including his friend Hephaistion, his queen Roxane, his mistress Barsine & Bagoas the Eunuch. Did you know that Alexander got the idea ... Continue Reading →

The Quest For The Tomb Of Alexander The Great (Second Edition) by Andrew Chugg

Category: History
Publish Date: 2012-06-01
Pagecount: 332 Pages
File Size: 2,6 MB
File Type: PDF, ePub
Total Read: 2580 User
Total Download: 2528 User
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Description :
In 2004 the author's first book "The Lost Tomb of Alexander the Great" was published to the accompaniment of international media attention, since it reported the first credible suggestion as to the current whereabouts of the long-vanished corpse of the illustrious conqueror. In the intervening ... Continue Reading →

The Callow Violinist And Her Prime Lover by Michael jeey

Category: Fiction
Publish Date: 2016-04-06
Pagecount: 47 Pages
File Size: 1,2 MB
File Type: PDF, Mobi
Total Read: 2444 User
Total Download: 2430 User
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Description :
This is a short portion of my awaiting book composed of Alex , a teen girl of Mr. Douglas who finds herself emotionally harassed by Travis, of whom she came to know in a party of one of her schoolmates. Her best friend Shirley notices ... Continue Reading →

Alexander The Great by Nigel Cawthorne

Category: Biography & Autobiography
Publish Date: 2004
Pagecount: 186 Pages
File Size: 2,1 MB
File Type: PDF, iBooks
Total Read: 2401 User
Total Download: 2157 User
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Description :
Alexander the Great (356-323 BC), King of Macedonia, lived a life of mythical proportions. He modelled himself on Achilles and slept with a copy of the Iliad, annotated by Aristotle, his teacher, under his pillow. Unrivalled by any historical military figure, he conquered the Mediterranean, ... Continue Reading →

Mike Colameco's Food Lover's Guide To New York City by Mike Colameco

Category: Cooking
Publish Date: 2009-08-17
Pagecount: 462 Pages
File Size: 1,4 MB
File Type: PDF, ePub
Total Read: 2908 User
Total Download: 2897 User
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Description :
The insider's food guide to New York City-from trusted New York food expert and TV/radio host Michael Colameco New York is the food capital of the United States, with an incredibly rich and diverse dining scene that boasts everything from four-star French restaurants, casual neighborhood ... Continue Reading →

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